Looking at the
whole body and
healing from the
inside out.

Looking at the whole body and healing from the inside out.

Fresno, CA

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An experience turned into a passion

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After experiencing a debilitating stroke that required him to re-learn activities that most of us take for granted. Determined, if he had to re-learn everything, including how to talk and walk, he was going to put in the effort to re-learn it better. To be better physically, gaining state of the art knowledge about how the body works as a whole, including how nutrition and sleep are integral parts of healthy skin. Greg invested years, spending every waking hour learning everything he could about health, healing, and nutrition, while working to regain mobility. Greg is better than ever now, but in possession of a burning desire to share his knowledge of how to grow old young, with his clients. At the age of 55, Greg has a metabolic age of 13 years and a VO2 max level of a 20 year old.

Greg’s holistic approach to beautiful skin has transformed, not just himself, but men and women’s lives throughout the Valley. Greg is proud of the work he is doing and proud to offer his services to the Fresno and surrounding areas.

Fresno’s Best Kept Secret, Greg helps his diverse clientele transform their lives from the inside out. Greg is passionate about taking an holistic approach to skincare by exploring the underlying causes that manifest external concerns. Greg examines each clients lifestyle and diet while encouraging them to implement small tweaks that manifest real positive results.

An encyclopedia of knowledge, Greg believes that healthy skin begins in your gut. The skin is often a reflection of what is happening within the body at any given time. Skin problems are the result of any number of things, from genetics and hormones to diet and nutrition, but is a reflection of what is happening to us internally. Greg is best known for working alongside his clients to transform their skin and reverse the aging process by developing a customized treatment plan for each client, to ensure optimal results.

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